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Literary Research

Under this programme, Medico-historical studies, lexicographic work, contemporary literature and publications related to Ayurveda and modern sciences have been continued. The Council has brought out periodicals Journal viz. Journal of Research in Ayurvedic Sciences and Journal of Drug Research in Ayurvedic Sciences. During the reporting period, 20 books/booklets/proceedings have been published. 8 Intra Mural Literary Research projects have been completed and 14 projects are going on. Besides this, one collaborative project has been completed and 2 collaborative projects are going on.

Completed Literary Projects- IMR

 1Ontological Analysis and Conceptual Modeling of Homoeopathic Terminologies
 2Editing and Translation of Tibb-e-Ghiyasia (A manuscript on medicine) written by Ḥakīm A in al- MulkShirazi (d. 1595 AD) from Persian into English

Literary Projects- IMR ( List of ongoing projects )

 1Preparation of comprehensive inventory of drugs of plant, animal and mineral origin mentioned in classical Ayurveda texts (Brihattrayi and Laghutrayi)
Upgradation and Maintenance of Ayurvedagranthasamuccaya Portal – APTA Digital Library.
AYUSH Research Portal (2021)
Implementation & Maintenance of “National AYUSH Morbidity and Standardized Terminologies Portal (NAMSTP) (2021)
5Refinement of Sanskrit text in Council publication.
6Ayush Manuscripts Advanced Repository (AMAR)
 7Showcasing of Ayurveda Historical Imprints (SAHI) through tangible and intangible evidence.
 8e-Medical Heritage Accession (e-MEDHA)
 9Translation of Turangaratnamala from Marathi to English
 10Documentation of Life Profiles of Luminaries in the field of Ayurveda
 11Editing and translation of Qarabadin Masumi (A manuscript on pharmacopeia) written by Maum al-Sheerazi (d. 1691 AD) b from Persian into English and Kitab fi al-Mizaj (A manuscript on Temperament) and Kitab fi al-Anasir (A manuscript of Constituents) written by Jalinu (d. 216 d,) from Arabic into English)
 12Translation of unpublished Manuscript Shalihotra from Sanskrit to English
 13Mahamati Cakrapani Dasa Krta Abhunava Cintamani (Sanskrit to English Translation)
 14Satkantha Ratna (deciphering texts from Palm Leaf Manuscript, tranliteration from Oriya to Devanagari script, translation from Sanskrit to hindi and English, critical edition of other manuscript and text editing)      

Literary Projects- Collaborative ( List of ongoing projects )

 1Study of Immunomodulating properties of selected recipes from ancient Ayurvedic classical texts (Bhojanakutuhalam and Kshemakutuhalam) and repurposing them as immune enhancers.
 2Comprehensive collection of health related references from Vedic Literature & Systematic Documentation of selected Vedic practices
 3Translation & Transliteration of Vakyapradeepika commentary of Ashtangahridaya