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Drug Research Programme

Drug Research

Medicinal Plant Research

EMR NMPB Completed Project:

Establishment of Herbal Garden and Nursery centre at CCRAS institutes funded by NMPB (RARI Itanagar, CARI 1. Jhansi, CARI Kolkata, CARI Patiala (in the extension centre at GADVASU Ludhiana), CARI Bhubaneswar, RARI Trivendrum, NARIP Cheruthuruthy, CARI Bengaluru, and CARI Guwahati).

Drug Standardization Research

Drug Standardization Research Projects – IMR

Completed Drug Standardization Research – Collaborative

 1SoP’s standardization of identified ayurvedic herbomineral preparations viz.  Shwasakuthara Rasa and Mrityunjaya Rasa.

Drug Standardization Research Projects – IMR ( List of ongoing projects )

1Development of Quality Standards and SOP’s for the formulation AYUSH-HR
2Development of Pharmaceutical Standards for AYUSH-64
3Chemical Profiling of Six Ayurvedic Drug Plant Stem Bark/Hear Wood and Small Branches Using Modern Analytical Techniques.
4QC Analysis, Estimation of Markers/PRS & Shelf life studies of AYUSH M3 and AYUSH SS Granules
5Isolation of Markers Compound from Ayurvedic Plants and Development of Marker Compound Library
6Marker based Shelf-Life study and Development of Marker(s) Based Quantification Methods for the Most Valuable Ayurvedic Raw Drugs.
7Development of Quality Standards of Ayurvedic Plants for the Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India.
8Development of Drug Master File and Dossier on Rhizome Picrorhiza kurroa an Important Promising Medicinal Plants Based on Leads from Ayurveda and Contemporary Research
9Development of Drug Master File and Dossier on Emblica Officinalis an Important Promising Medicinal Plants Based on Leads from Ayurveda and Contemporary Research
10QC Analysis, Estimation of Markers/PRS and Shelf-life studies of Ayush PVK Gel, Ayush AGT Cream and AGT lotion
11 Development of SOP and Quality Standards for the formulation of AYUSH- 56.
12QC Analysis, Estimation of Markers/PRS & Shelf-life Studies of Ayush PTK and Go-Mutra Haritaki.
13Effect of geographical variations, phytochemical profiling and marker-based quantification of selected medicinally important Ficus species.
14Preclinical Standardization and Development of SOP for Coated Tablets from Aqueous and Hydroalcoholic Extracts of Amlaki, Guduchi and Vasa and Shelf-life Studies.
15Marker-based Traceability in Ayush Kwath Churna and its Raw Drugs, Shelf-life and Exploration of Antioxidant & Antimicrobial Potency: A new horizon to explore Ayush Kwath Churna.
16Development of Quality Standards, Estimation of Markers and Shelf-Life Study of Ayush-82 and Ayush-SG.
17 Development of Drug Master File and Dossier for Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal an Important Medicinal Plant from Ayurveda and Contemporary Research.
18Comparative phytochemical and pharmacological evaluation of small branches with root or stem bark of selective Ayurvedic plants.
19Rationalization of hydro-alcoholic extractive protocols for selected plant roots/rhizomes of Ayurvedic importance for strategic drug development.
20 Development of Quality standards for formulation AYUSH KVM Syrup.
21Isolation of Phytoconstituents from some selected Ayurvedic medicinal plants.
22Estimation of Calcium and trace minerals & metals in Ayurveda drugs of Sudhavarga.
23Development of quality control protocols, identification, and estimation of major bioactive constituents of Ayurvedic medicated oils ‘Murivenna’, ‘DurvadiKera’, ‘BhringamalakadiKerataila’.
24 QC analysis and estimation of markers in polyherbal formulation Jwarahara kwatha Choornam (JKC) for the effective treatment of fever.
25Development of Quality Standards, Estimation of Markers and Shelf-Life Study of Kvatha Curna Formulations.
26Development of quality standards & SOP with markers-based analysis and shelf-life study of four medicinally important classical ayurvedic formulations.
27 Development of Quality Standards, estimation of Markers and Shelf-life of Chopchinyadi Churna, Marichadi Churna, Musali & Saraswat Churna at CARI, Guwahati.

Drug Standardization Research Projects – Collaborative ( List of ongoing projects )

 1Development of Metal Based Ayurvedic Formulation (MBAF) for the treatment of Acute Pro-Myelocytic Leukaemia (APML)
 2Assessment of AYUSH-64 and Ayush Kwath to SARS-CoV-2 mutants on lung, liver and brain cells and their organoids.

Pharmacological Research

CCRAS is involved in the Pharmacological research as part of drug development and validation of classical Ayurvedic formulations.  Toxicity and efficacy studies of Ayurvedic formulations, coded drugs and single plants are carried out as part of Pharmacology research. These studies are conducted at the Council’s peripheral Institutes Viz., Captain Srinivasa Murthy Central Ayurveda Research Institute (CSMCARI), Chennai; National Ayurveda Research Institute for Panchakarma (NARIP), Cheruthuruthy; Central Ayurveda Research Institute (CARI), Kolkata; Regional Ayurveda Research Institute (RARI), Gwalior; Regional Ayurveda Research Institute (RARI), Pune and Central Ayurveda Research Institute (CARI), Guwahati. The experiments are conducted at experimental animal facilities of CCRAS registered under CCSEA (formerly CPCSEA)  with approval of Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC). Since inception, a total 414 drugs are screened for various biological (efficacy) activities, which include 252 single plants, 80 Ayurvedic formulations, and 82 coded drugs. Toxicity studies have been carried out with respect to 190 drugs comprising 65 single plants, 42 Ayurvedic formulations, and 83 coded drugs.  Currently, 29 IMR & 23 Collaborative Projects are in progress. The major collaborators of Pharmacology research include CSIR- IITR – Lucknow, CSIR- CDRI – Lucknow, CSIR- IICB – Kolkata, CSIR-IIIM- Jammu, IIT- Guwahati, NIPER- Guwahati, College of Veterinary Science (AAU), Guwahati, ACTREC- Mumbai, ICMR- NIRRCH- Mumbai, ICMR- NIN, Hyderabad, ICMR- NIN, Hyderabad, ICMR-IISER- Pune and Sambalpur University, Odisha.

Pharmacology Research Projects – IMR ( List of ongoing projects )

Study of Carica papaya Leaf, Adhatoda vasaca Leaf and Tinospora cordifolia Stem in Experimental Thrombocytopenia as model of Dengue.
2Clinical evaluation of efficacy of Ayurvedic formulation for augmentation of Milk production in ruminants
Clinical evaluation of efficacy of AYUSH V-24 (a coded Ayurvedic formulation) in the management of selected Gastro Intestinal Illness in ruminants
4Pharmacological Evaluation of Kutajghan Vati in  Experimentally-induced Colitis in Rats
5Evaluation of Vatari guggulu for anti-arthritic activity through different arthritis models in experimental animals
Effect of Gokshuradi Guggulu on Experimental Diabetic Nephropathy: In-vitro and In-vivo Studies
Exploratory study of cellular and nuclear entry of Bhasmas/rasakalpas
Effect of Nishatriphala Yoga on Streptozotocin and High fat diet  induced diabetic neuropathy in Sprague Dawley rats
In-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of anti-migraine activity of AYUSH M3
10Acute and 90 days repeated dose oral toxicity study of coded drug Ayush-SDM tablet
11Acute and 90 days repeated dose oral toxicity study of coded drug AYUSH-PK Avaleha
12Evaluation of Kanchnar guggulu and Varunadi Kashaya against letrozole induced polycystic ovarian syndrome associate conditions in female wistar rats
13Evaluation of Anti-diabetic and hepatoprotective Activity of coded formulation AYUSH-64 in experimental Animal Models
14Acute and 90 days repeated dose oral toxicity study of AYUSH-SC-3 in experimental animals
15Evaluation of Kalyanaka Ghrita against rat model of Alzheimer’s disease
16Acute and 90 days repeated dose oral toxicity study of  coded drug Ayush-HR
17Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of Padmakanta Yoga, an Ayurveda Formulation in the management of Mastitis in Bovines
18 Antiarthritic activity of AYUSH SG-5 in experimental animals
19Evaluation of anti-depressant/anxiolytic/nootropic effect of panchagavya Ghrita in experimentally induced stress in rat
20Exploration of reproductive toxicity profile of coded drug Ayush 64
21Evaluation of some medicinal plants against free fatty acid induced steatosis in hepatic cell line- Invitro study.
22Acute and 90 days repeated dose oral toxicity study of AYUSH-LND in experimental animals.
23Acute and 90 day oral toxicity study of AYUSH-SS granules in experimental animals.
24Exploration of reproductive toxicity profile of SS granules.
25Effect of Brahmidrakshayadi ashayam on Chronic Restraint Stress (CRS) induced neurobehavioral alteration in experimental rats.
26Comparative evaluation of selected Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeial source plant and their substitute through experimental Pharmacology
27Study of coded drugs intended for antenatal care i.e. AYUSH GG and AYUSH AG for their developmental toxicity and teratogenicity profiles in zebrafish embryo model
28Safety and anti-obesity activity of Tryusanadi guggulu in experimental animals
29Anti-cancer activity of Chaulmoogra oil and Shwetha Sarshapa churna in the treatment of epidermal carcinoma of skin in experimental mice.

Pharmacology Research Projects – Collaborative ( List of ongoing projects )

Evaluation of hepatoprotective efficacy and underlying molecular mechanism of Ayurvedic formulations, AYUSH-PKT & AYUSH-GMH in experimental animal models of alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases: A pre-clinical study.
2Pre-clinical evaluation of Ayurvedic formulations against ionizing radiation-induced acute dermal injury in rats- implications in clinical study
Evaluation of drugs-cytochrome P450 enzyme interaction through fluorometric high throughput screening assays
Mechanistic investigation on the efficacy and mode of action of Ashwagandha and Yograj Guggulu, using a hybrid proteomics-chemoinformatics-network medicine approach for the treatment of Osteoarthritis.
Evaluation of Cytotoxicity, Pharmacokinetics, Anti-Cancer Activity, Detailed Molecular Mechanisms of Bhallatakadi Modaka in In Vitro (2D and 3D Culture) and in vivo Tumor Xenograft Models.
6Toxicity Studies and Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory and Anti-arthritic activity of Shunthi Guggulu (Triphala Shodhita) in Rats.
 7Understanding mechanistic role of Carctol-S as immunomodulatory and anticancer formulation against Ovarian Cancer
Understanding mechanistic role of CARAF & CAGHE as immunomodulatory and anti-cancer compounds against pre-clinical models of Leukemia, Lymphoma, Melanoma, Lung and Breast cancer
9Deciphering Pharmacodynamics of Ayurvedic formulations (Ayush Manas, Bhallataka Ghrita and Jyotismathi taila) used in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases by integrating reverse pharmacological approaches.
10Anticancer potential and molecular mechanism of Rasa Sindhoor on Ovarian cancer cells
11 Evaluation of anti-cancerous potential, in silico pharmacological analysis and molecular mechanism of Kanchanar guggulu in ovarian cancer µTumor spheroids, and in in vivo models
12Aqueous and Hydroalcoholic Extraction of selected Anukta Dravya Plants and Evaluation of their Therapeutic efficacy for various diseases
13Toxicity profile of Rasamanikya Rasa in experimental animals
14Development of Mahua (Madhuca longifolia) based food recipe (Product development) and its nutritional, toxicity, efficacy and bioavailability studies
15Development of Opuntia elatoir (fruit) based food recipes (product development) and its nutritional, toxicity, efficacy and bioavailability studies