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Clinical Research

Clinical Research

Clinical Research Projects – IMR

List of completed projects during 2023-24 (April, 2023 to July, 2023)

Completed Clinical Research Projects – IMR
 1Evaluation of AYUSH-SR Tablet in occupational stress among Nurses – a randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical study.
 2Clinical evaluation of Gokshuradi Guggulu and Nimbadi Churna in Vatarakta (Gout)
List of ongoing projects – IMR
 1Randomised placebo controlled double blind clinical trial on the efficacy of AYUSH MANAS in the management of Smriti Dourbalya (Cognitive deficit)
 2Clinical Evaluation of Triphala Ghrita as topical (Tarpana) and internal medication in the management of Dry Age Related Macular Degeneration Symptoms.
 3Efficacy of Ayurvedic intervention in the management of occupational stress among IT professionals.
 4Evaluation of efficacy and safety AYUSH M-3 in the management of Pre-Hypertension – A double blind randomized control clinical study
 5Effectiveness of the role of Astangalavana and Srikhandasava as add on treatment on Madatyaya (Alcohol Dependence) – An Open Label Clinical Trial
 6Clinical evaluation of Vidanga churna and Vyoshadi Guggulu in the management of Medoroga (Obesity)
 7Clinical evaluation of Khadirarishta, Kaishor guggulu and Gandhakadya Malahar in the management of Vicharchika (Eczema)
8Evaluation of efficacy and safety of AYUSH-HR in the management of Pre-Hypertension – a double blind randomized control clinical study.
 9Clinical efficacy and safety of Arogyavardhini vati and Pippalyasava in the management of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) – An open label prospective clinical trial.
10A randomized, Placebo-controlled, Double blind clinical trial to evaluate the effect of Trikatu in Subclinical Hypothyroidism.
11Impact of Ayurveda Based Lifestyle Advocacy and Practices among apparently healthy individuals across selected cities in India – A Randomized Parallel Group Study
12Clinical Evaluation of Lekhaniya Gana Kashaya and Arogyavardhini Gutika in the management of Medoroga (Obesity)
13Efficacy and safety of Ayurveda Formulation ‘Trikatu’ in Dyslipidemia – A Prospective Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial
14Clinical evaluation of Lashunadi Vati and Pippaladyasava in the management of Agnimandya
15Clinical assessment of the efficacy of Ayurvedic management in PCOS – A randomized open label control trial.
16A Clinical Consensus Study for Developing the practice guidelines of Marsa Nasya Karma with a multi-center Feasibility Study in Cervical Spondylosis
17Clinical evaluation of Nimbadi Churna, Khadirarista and Arjuna Lepa in the management of Acne (Yuvan Pidika)
18Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) towards Swarnaprashana among Ayurveda Practitioners: A cross-sectional Survey

Collaborative Clinical Research

Completed Clinical Research Projects – Collaborative
 1A comparative clinical study of Ayush LND a coded Ayurvedic formulation in the management of Asrigdara (Abnormal Uterine Bleeding)
 2A Randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of Marma therapy in Lumbar disc Herniation with Radiculopathy.

List of ongoing projects

1A phase II trial to study efficacy, toxicity and imunomodulatory effect of Carctol-S in high grade serous epithelial ovarian cancer at first serological relapse collaborative project.
2Randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical study Ayurvedic coded drug AYUSH-A in the management of Bronchial Asthma (Tamaka Shwasa)
Evaluation of Hepatoprotective activity of PTK as an add on therapy in the patients of Tuberculosis on ATT –  A double blind randomized control clinical study
4Study the physiological basis and gut bacterial modulation induced by Virechana Purgation therapy in the healthy adults: A prospective longitudinal study.
5A study of Ashwagandha administration in participant vaccinated against COVID-19 on safety, immunogenicity and protection: A randomized, double blind placebo controlled multi-centric clinical trial.
6Evaluating the efficacy of Ayurvedic intervention as add on to conventional treatment and explore the interaction of epigenetics, neuro/gut biomarkers and neuroimaging in pediatric ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperacidity Disorder)
7Prospective double blind randomized controlled clinical study on Ayurvedic intervention (Sarpagandha Mishran) vs. Amlodipine in the management of stage-I Primary Hypertension
8Double blind randomized placebo controlled multicentric clinical trial of Ayush M-3 in the management of Migraine.
9Evaluation of Ayush-GMH in the subjects of mild to moderate Non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)-A double blind randomized control clinical study
10A randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy of multimodal Ayurveda interventions in Jannu Sandhigatavata (Primary Knee – osteoarthritis)
11A pilot study to assess the effect of intranasal oil instillation (Pratimarsha Nasya) on nasal barrier function among healthy individuals
12A double blind, double dummy prospective randomized controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of classical Ayurveda management versus Methotrexate in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
13Ayurveda therapeutic regiman as on Add-on to optimized conventional management of Parkinson’s disease: an RCT for assessment of clinical Cortical excitability neuroimmune and Autonomic function parameters.
14Efficacy of Ayurveda nutritional supplements and Yoga protocol in the prevention and reduction of the severity of Acute Mountain Sickness: an open-label randomized controlled study
15A Randomized Controlled Study to Assess the Effect of Marsha Nasya Karma in Motor, Sensory, Memory and Cognitive Parameters elicited through f – MRI in Apparently Healthy Individuals

Medicinal Plant Research Projects – IMR

1To establish the best procurement time for certain herbs by analysing the seasonal variation in bioactive secondary metabolite with quantitative HPLC-Part-2. (Vol.-2)
2Anthology of pharmacognostical research outcomes of CCRAS on selected medicinal plants used in the Ayurveda
3Pharmacognostical Evaluation of Medicinal Plants cited in Ayurvedic Formulary of India excluding the plants mentioned in Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India (Part-II) at CARI, Jhansi
4Optimization of extraction process for the enrichment of extract with selected markers of some important Ayurvedic plants at CARI, Kolkata
5Pharmacognostical and chemical profiling of selected Indian medicinal flowers’ at RARI, Jammu
6Photographic Atlas on Macro-Microscopic Characteristics of Medicinal Plants Listed in Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Part-I, Volume – II at CSMCARI, Chennai
7Anthology of Survey Research outcomes of Medico Ethno Botanical Survey (MEBS), CARI, Bengaluru.
8Anthology of Survey Research Outcomes from Medico-Ethno Botanical Survey (MEBS), Central Ayurveda Research Institute CARI, Guwahati (Assam)
9Anthology of Survey Research outcomes from Medico -Ethno Botanical Survey (MEBS), RARI, Ranikhet (Uttarakhand)
10Anthology of Survey Research Outcomes from the Medico-Ethno Botanical Survey (MEBS), RARI, Mandi (Himachal Pradesh)
11 Mass Cultivation of Selected Economically Important Medicinal Plants at RARI, Pune
12Mass cultivation of the selected economically important medicinal plants at RARI, Ranikhet
13Mass cultivation of selected economically important medicinal plants at RARI, Itanagar
14 Development and Digitalization of Authentic Ayurvedic Raw Drugs and Herbarium for the Medicinal Plants Appearing in Ayurvedic Formularies of India in Mandatory Drug Testing Laboratories of CCRAS
15Digitalization and indexing of herbarium sheets at CARI Kolkata collected from 1970-2000.
16Medico Ethno Botanical Survey in the forest areas of Wayanad district of Kerala state
17Medico Ethno Botanical Survey in the forest areas of Darjeeling district of West Bengal.
18Anthology of Survey Research Outcome from Medico Ethno Botanical Survey (MEBS)
19Establishment of In vitro propagation protocol for the conservation of Hydnocarpuspentandrus (Buch.-Ham.) Oken, a Vulnerable medicinal plant used in Ayurvedic formulations
20Developing Quality Standards for selected Extra-pharmacopoeial Drugs Collected from Irula tribes of Thandarai, Kancheepuram District, Tamilnadu
21Developing image-based taxonomical database of plants used in the Ayurveda
22Development of Quality Standards of Selected Extra-pharmacopoeial Drugs (AnuktaDravyas) Used in Local Health Traditions Collected from Different Regions of India.
23Development of Quality Standards of Selected Extra-pharmacopoeial Drugs (AnuktaDravyas) Used in Local Health Traditions Collected from Different Regions of India.
24Development of Quality Standards of Selected Extra Pharmacopoeial (AnuktaDravya) Drugs used in Local Health Traditions collected from different regions of India.
25Development Of Quality Standards of Selected Extra-Pharmacopoeial Drugs (AnuktDravyas) Used in Local Health Traditions Collected from Different Regions of India.
26Antibacterial Activity of selective Ayurveda formulations against Gastrointestinal infection, Respiratory infection and Urinary Tract Infection causing bacteria.
27Evaluation of antibacterial, anti-oxidant and immuno-modulatory properties of selected Ayurvedic formulations
28 To investigate the inhibitory effect of various medicinal plants used in ayurvedic system against dental caries causing micro-organisms.
29 In vitro screening of plants/vegetables/fruits/herbs for their suitability as prebiotics.
30 Comparative pharmacognostical and phytochemical standardization of commonly adulterating Ayurvedic drugs and adulterants, Pune
31Anthology of Survey Research outcomes of Medico Ethno Botanical Survey (MEBS), RARI, Itanagar.
32Comprehensive inventory of local health traditions (LHTS) & ethno medicinal practices (EMPS) in INDIA – validation through ayurvedic and ethno medicinal literature to establish uniqueness.

Medicinal Plant Research Projects – Collaborative

List of ongoing projects

1Plant Diversity Database of Selected Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant Species from Medicinal Plants Garden of RARI, Pune
2Characterization of important Ayurvedic medicinal plants through DNA barcoding.
3Identification of adulterants/substitutes for Ayurveda plant raw material in trade using pharmacognostic and phytochemical parameters. CARI, Jhansi and NBRI Lucknow
4A comparative study on hydroponic and field cultivated medicinal plants used in Ayurveda. CARI, Jhansi and BHU Varanasi
5Comparative evaluation of field and hydroponic cultivation of selected Ayurvedic medicinal plants. CARI Bengaluru and IIHR Bengluru
6Study of seasonal variation on bioactive compounds of Panchavalkal-05 medicinal plants used in Ayurveda. CARI, Bengaluru and UAS-B, GKVK
 7In vitro propagation and genetic stability studies of Ipomoea mauritiana Jacq. -a Rare medicinal plant. NARIP Cheruthuruthy and SNGS College Pattambi
 8Documentation of Traditional Food Recipes of Karnataka and their Validation with Ayurveda and Nutritional Perspective, TDU University; CARI, Bengaluru.
 9Development of SOPs for the preparation of Ayurveda recipes and nutritional evaluation of    selected products CSIR-CFTRI, Mysuru; CARI, Bengaluru.

COVID-19 related Research initiatives

CCRAS has undertaken 6 research studies on COVID-19 include prophylactic studies, interventional studies (on COVID-19 and post COVID), observational study, survey study and systematic review through Intra-mural research and collaborative research mode through its peripheral institutes out of them, 3 have been completed and 3 research studies are going on.