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Dr. Ashwathykutty. V

Research Officer (Ayu)

Ashwathykutty. V .Ph.D. (Ayu)Research Officer (Ayurveda) joined CCRAS on 27.1.2017. She is currently posted in Headquarters, CCRAS, New Delhi.

Research Areas.

Fundamental research in Ayurveda and its application, Developing Research methodology for Ayurveda and Literary Research.

Academic Background

PG and Ph.D in Roga evam Vikriti Vijnana from Dept of Roga evam Vikriti Vijnana, National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur. Major works include the development and validation of Ayurveda diagnostic tools, validation and reliability studies of health assessment tools in Ayurveda, Critical edition and publication of classical texts of Ayurveda incorporating various available commentaries and documentation of specialty practices in Ayurveda