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Dr. Arunabh Tripathi

Statistical Officer : M.Sc. and Ph.D. in health Statistics

Dr. Tripathi has M.Sc. and Ph.D. in health Statistics. He has qualified UGC-NET as well as ICMR-JRF .He is working as Statistical officer at Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences New Delhi. The interested areas of Dr. Tripathi are data analysis and statistical Modeling. He has more than 30 publications in his area of interest.

Some Important Publication

  1. G.P. Singh, A. Tripathi, S.K. Singh, Umesh Singh, O.P. Singh, Analysis of Child Mortality for Muslim Women of Uttar Pradesh, India: An Application of Bayesian Frailty Model, J. data sci. 13(2022), no. 2, 311-322, DOI 10.6339/JDS.201504_13(2).0005
  2. Singh G.P. (2013) Pattern of living arrangement andeconomic dependence of the elderly: a study based onEastern Uttar Pradesh, India.Journal of Basic and AppliedScientific Researchvol,2(5).105-113.
    Vivekanandan K, Tripathi A, Saurabh A, Kumar R, Kumar R, Prasad T, Singh GN. Quantitative Methods for the Identification of Signals for Individual Case Safety Reports in India. Ther Innov Regul Sci. 2015 Nov;49(6):898-902. doi: 10.1177/2168479015589822. PMID: 30222376.
  3. Tripathi, A. and Pandey, A. (2017) Post-Hoc Comparison in Survival Analysis: An Easy Approach. Journal of Biosciences and Medicines, 5, 112-119. doi: 10.4236/jbm.2017.53012.
  4. Srikanth N, Kumar A, Chandrasekhararao B, Singhal R, Yadav B, Khanduri S, Jameela S, Rai AK, Tripathi A, Rana R, Ahmad A, Sharma BS, Jaiswal A, Kotecha R; State Level Collaborators. Disease Characteristics, Care-Seeking Behavior, and Outcomes Associated With the Use of AYUSH-64 in COVID-19 Patients in Home Isolation in India: A Community-Based Cross-Sectional Analysis. Front Public Health. 2022 Jul 6;10:904279. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2022.904279. PMID: 35900336; PMCID: PMC9310753.
  5. Srikanth N, Rana R, Singhal R, Jameela S, Singh R, Khanduri S, Tripathi A, Goel S, Chhatre L, Chandra A, Rao BCS, Dhiman KS. Mobile App-Reported Use of Traditional Medicine for Maintenance of Health in India During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Cross-sectional Questionnaire Study. JMIRx Med. 2021 May 7;2(2):e25703. doi: 10.2196/25703. PMID: 34032815; PMCID: PMC8110045.
  6. Reddy RG, Gosavi RV, Yadav B, Rai AK, Holay MP, Talekar M, Jameela S, Sharma BS, Khanduri S, Rana R, Tripathi A, Chandrasekhararao B, Srikanth N, Dhiman KS. AYUSH-64 as an add-on to standard care in asymptomatic and mild cases of COVID-19: A randomized controlled trial. Ayu. 2020 Apr-Jun;41(2):107-116. doi: 10.4103/ayu.ayu_14_21. Epub 2021 Oct 23. PMID: 34908795; PMCID: PMC8614205.