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Other Websites Policies

Content Contribution, Moderation and Approval Policy (CMAP)

Following this policy, we provide a role based Content Management system. This CMS helps the website team in giving role specific access of administrator panel to different Users. The Web administrator will also be able to manage information specifically meant for internal use, which will be viewable to all members after the successful login. Admin can create the users by assigning him a particular role and Module to which functions of a particular user are limited. These roles are:


These are the Content creator’s. Their responsibilities are to add/edit/delete respective content on the website and send it to for approval.


Their responsibilities are to approve the content coming from the creator’s


A publisher could Edit and review the content. He is responsible for publishing the content on the website.

These personnel’s would be appointed by the Web Administrator and would be responsible for overall quality and quantity of information on the Website. The Web Administrator will be responsible for overall supervision to ensure that authentic and updated information are available on the website.

Language Used

Website is free from offensive/discriminatory language. Content is compiled and packaged with citizen orientation. Clear and simple language has been used throughout the website. The language is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Documents/pages in multiple languages are updated simultaneously using Google Translate. All information, that is of direct importance to the citizen, is accessible from the Homepage.

Text is readable both in electronic and print format and the page prints correctly on an A4 size paper. There is adequate contrast between text and background color. Alternate text is provided for non-text elements (e.g. images).

There is adequate contrast between text and background color. Web pages do not contain any content that flashes more than three times in a second. There is a mechanism to control scrolling blinking content. It has been ensured that all stationery of the department and advertisements/public messages issued by the concerned Department prominently display the URL of the website.

Web Content Review Policy

The web Administrator and the assigned Personnel’s will have the responsibility for periodically reviewing the content of the website in respect of their respective domains and keep the information Up to Date. A proper workflow should be followed before final updation of content on the website.

Content Archival Policy

Content Archival Mechanism is in place to ensure that all outdated announcements are removed from the website or moved to archive. This will help website team in ensuring that the expired contents are removed from the main website. The Archival System available on the Website will transfer the expired content in archives section as soon as it reaches expiry date.

Note: It is the Responsibility of Web Manager to put the Expiry date while contributing the Content wherever Applicable.

Website Monitoring Policy

Under the Website Monitoring Policy, it is advised to monitor periodically to address and fix the quality and compatibility issues around the following parameters:

  • Functionality:

All modules of the website are tested for their Functionality for their smooth working.

  • Performance:

All important pages of the website are tested for the download time.

  • Broken Links:

The website is thoroughly reviewed to rule out the presence of any broken links or errors.

  • The Hosting Service Provider possesses state-of-the art multi-tier security infrastructure as well as devices such as firewall and intrusion prevention systems.

Contingency Management

The presence of the website on the Internet and very importantly the site is fully functional all the times. It is expected of the Government websites to deliver information and services on a 24X7 basis. Hence, all efforts should be made from User Department Web Information Manager to minimize the downtime of the website as far as possible.

In case of any defacement and data corruption, quick action needs to be taken by the respective authorized personnel for the same.