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Official Language Implementation Committee

Official Language Implementation Committee

Under the chairmanship of the Director General, an Official Language Implementation Committee has been constituted in the council for implementation of the Official Language Act/Policy/Rules/ Orders, Programs etc. to promote Hindi in official work as per official language policy of the Govt. in the Council Hqrs. as well as institutes under its control. In compliance with the guidelines of the Department of Official Language, Hindi Section prepares all quarterly progress reports, half-yearly progress reports as per stipulated time and submits them to the Rajbhasha Vibhag, Home Ministry and NARKAS (Town Official Language Implementation Committee) through online as well email.

Every quarter, the meeting of the Departmental Official Language Implementation Committee and Hindi workshop is organized. Quarterly meetings during financial year 2021-22, the Departmental Official Language Implementation Committee were held on 11.06.2021, 03.09.2021, 21.12.2021 and 23.03.2022 and their minutes were also sent to the Ayush Ministry. In 2021-22, knowledge-oriented and objective type One Day Hindi workshops were organized on 30.06.2021, 29.09.2021, 24.12.2021 and 24.03.2022 and their reports were sent to the Ayush Ministry.

The council also observed Hindi fortnight “Pakhwada” from 14th to 28th September, 2021, during which various competitions were organized in the Council and the peripheral institutes. For generating enthusiasm and also greater participation besides compitition, prizes were also planned in the activities held. The council participated in half yearly meetings organized by Town Official Language Implementation Committee on 21.06.2021 and 23.11.2021.

During the reporting period, the Council Headquarters and RARI, Gangtok, Institute under CCRAS were inspected by the Third Sub-Committee of the Parliamentary Official Language Committee. Under the chairmanship of Deputy Director (Admn.), all the peripheral institutes of the Council were e-inspected using inspection questionnaire during inspections by Parliamentary Official Language Committee. Appropriate guidelines were given for deficiencies and gaps observed in implementation of official language policy. Along with this, inspection related to official language of the council was also done by the Ayush ministry on 25.10.2021.

RARI, Thiruvananthapuram has published the fourth issue of Hindi magazine “Spandan” and the three issues of Hindi magazine “Pravah” have been published by National Institute of Medical Heritage of India, Hyderabad in which articles were given by employees.