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Objectives of the Council

The Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), an autonomous body under the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India, is an apex body in India for undertaking, coordinating, formulating, developing and promoting research on scientific lines in Ayurvedic Sciences. The activities are carried out through its 30 Institutes/Centres/Units located all over India and through collaborative studies with various Universities, Hospitals and Institutes. The research activities of the Council include Medicinal Plant Research (Medico-Ethno Botanical Survey, Pharmacognosy and Tissue Culture), Drug Standardization, Pharmacological Research, Clinical Research, Literary Research & Documentation and Tribal Health Care Research Programme.

The objectives for which the Central Council is established are:

  1. The formulation of aims and patterns of research on scientific lines in Ayurvedic Sciences.
  2. To undertake any research or other programmes in Ayurvedic Sciences.
  3. The prosecution of and assistance in research, the propagation of knowledge and experimental measures generally in connection with the causation, mode of spread and prevention of diseases.
  4. To initiate, aid, develop and co-ordinate scientific research in different aspects, fundamental and applied, of Ayurvedic Sciences and to promote and assist research institutions in studying diseases, their prevention, causation and remedy.
  5. To finance enquiries and researches for the furtherance of objects of the Central Council.
  6. To exchange information with other Institutions, Associations and Societies interested in objects similar to those of the Central Council and especially in observation and study of diseases in the East and India in particular.
  7. To prepare, print, publish and exhibit any papers, posters, pamphlets, periodicals and books to further the objectives of the Central Council and contribute to such literature.
  8. To issue appeals and make applications for money and funds in furtherance of the objects of the Central Council and to accept for the purpose above gifts, donations and subscriptions of cash and securities and any property, whether movable or immovable.
  9. To borrow or raise monies with or without security or on security mortgage charge, pledge of all or any immovable or movable properties belonging to the Central Council or in any other manner whatsoever.
  10. To invest and deal with the funds and monies of the Central Council or entrusted to the Central Council not immediately required in such manner as may from time to time be determined by the Governing Body of the Central Council.
  11. To permit the funds of the Central Council to be held by the Government of India.
  12. To acquire and hold, whether temporarily or permanently, any movable or immovable property necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the objects of the Central Council.
  13. To sell, lease, mortgage and exchange, and otherwise transfer any of the properties movable or immovable of the Central Council provided prior approval of the Central Government is obtained for the transfer of immovable property.
  14. To purchase, construct, maintain and alter any buildings or works necessary or convenient for the Central Council.
  15. To undertake and accept the management of any endowment or trust fund for donation, the undertaking or acceptance of which may seem desirable.
  16. To offer prizes and grants of scholarships, including travel scholarships, to further the objectives of the Central Council.
  17. To create administrative, technical and ministerial and other posts under the Society and to make appointments to it by the rules and regulations of the Society.
  18. To establish a provident fund and/or pension fund to benefit the Central Councils employees and/or their family members.
  19. To do all such lawful things either alone or in conjunction with others as the Central Council may consider necessary or as being incidental or conducive to attaining the above objects.
  20. To undertake R & D Consultancy projects and transfer patents on drugs and processes to the industry.
  21. To undertake R & D projects sponsored by public/private sector industries.
  22. To undertake international and inter-agency collaboration.
  23. Utilization of research results conducted and payment of a share of royalties/consultancy fees to those who have contributed to the pursuit of such research.
  24. To enter into arrangements with scientific agencies of other countries to exchange scientists, study tours, train in specialised areas, conduct joint projects etc.
  25. To provide technical assistance to Govt./Private agencies in matters consistent with the activities of the Council.
  26. To assist the Medicinal Plants Board, Government of India, in achieving its objectives.
  27. To constitute small Management Committees consisting of eminent Scientists/ Physicians of local areas to monitor the R & D activities and suggest remedial measures for improving activities of all Central and Research Institutes of the Council.